Platanico Wines & Spirits LTD Food and Safety Policy & Factory Quality Management Policy

The safety and quality of our products is the main axis around which our company moves and develops all the years of its operation. Respect for the customer and our promise to provide him with the best possible product are our non-negotiable values.

In this context, our company applies a certified quality management system of all its products at all stages of the production process, from the receipt of raw materials, to the final packaging and distribution of our products.

We comply with and apply the strictest rules and specifications, regarding the selection of raw materials, production, distribution as defined by European and national legislation and relevant standards. At the same time, we constantly invest in high-tech equipment. All the products we produce are subject to strict controls by the quality control laboratory operating in our company, so that safe product reaches the consumer . 

We are committed through our security and quality policy and prove this with our system compliance certificates in accordance with the standards.

Our vinegar is made from fine raw materials and has been honored with the international distinction by the International Taste & Quality Institute and has been evaluated and awarded for its superior taste by internationally renowned chefs.

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